2017 Honda Fit Cargo Capacity, Storage Options, and Seating Configurations

  • 2017 Honda Fit

    If you’ve heard the Fit called a “subcompact” car, that’s technically true, but when you see the 2017 Honda Fit cargo capacity, storage options, and seating configurations, we think you’ll be impressed. The Fit’s Magic Seat earns its name, offering Central Illinois drivers four different seating configurations to maximize passenger and cargo space, as well as plenty of individual cargo compartments and a spacious five-passenger cabin, all of which works together to make the Fit feel bigger on the inside.

Four Seating Configurations

Calling the 60/40-split folding rear seat the “Honda Magic Seat” might seem a little ambitious at first, but we think it’s earned the title. The rear seat’s four different configurations allow you to get the most out of the 2017 Honda Fit cargo capacity, whether you’re a budding family that needs room for the kids’ things, a small business that’s always on the go, or a young professional—or all three!


Honda Fit Utility Mode

Utility Mode: When you simply need more room for cargo, you can expand the 16.6 cubic feet of cargo storage by just folding down the entire rear seat. This expands your cargo hold to 52 cubic feet—more than enough room for small furniture, a pair of bikes, or your band’s gear.

Honda Fit Long Mode

Long Mode: While Utility Mode might do wonders for transporting a drum kit, it might have a tough time with a ladder or a kayak. Long Mode folds down both of the passenger-side seats, opening up space from the back of your hatch all the way to your glovebox. Slide your pole pruner or upright base into the Fit in seconds.

Honda Fit Tall Mode

Tall Mode: What happens if your cargo can’t or shouldn’t lay down flat? Most cars can’t help you there, but the Magic Seat has Tall Mode to offer up to 4 feet of vertical storage. This seating configuration folds the rear seats up and lets you easily set a plant or a flat-screen TV on the rear floor.

Honda Fit Refresh Mode

Refresh Mode: This new seating mode has been added for the 2017 model, and it’s designed to give you a break. Pull over to the side of the road and recline the front seats, then slide into the back. The adjustable rear seats let you kick your feet up, relax, and refresh for a little bit before getting back on the road.


We know that four different seating configurations might seem complicated, but we’ll show you how to quickly and easily switch from one to the next. You’ll be moving from Refresh Mode to Utility Mode to seating five passengers in your Fit in no time.

Passenger Space

The versatility of the Magic Seat wouldn’t mean much if you had a cramped and constricted cabin. You’re able to enjoy the magic of precision design and engineering thanks to the 95.7 cubic feet of passenger space—that’s almost as much as the Civic! Whether you’re seating five passengers or you’ve switched the Magic Seat into one of its modes, the Fit has room for every passenger to get comfortable.


Honda Fit Front Passenger Space

Front passengers have 39.5 inches of headroom to accommodate even the tallest among them and can stretch out with 41.4 inches of legroom. Need to settle in for a long commute? Front seats feature up to 51.5 inches of hip room.

Honda Fit Rear Passenger Space

Rear passengers won’t have to feel cramped either thanks to 45.1 inches of hip room, 39.3 inches of legroom, and 375 inches of headroom—and they have a storage space underneath the seat for any bags or personal items.


Despite its sleek exterior, it’s clear that the Fit makes use of every cubic foot of its interior.

Cargo Capacity

We’ve broken down just how easy it is to move and haul larger items, but what happens when you need to fill up all five seats and accommodate your passengers’ backpacks or purses? In addition to the 16.6 cubic feet of rear cargo room, the Fit has multiple storage compartments, including:

  • Console storage
  • Seatback storage
  • Under-seat storage
  • Door pocket storage

With available rear cargo-area tie-downs and rear cargo organizers, it’s easy to make space for everyone’s things.

Honda Fit Center Console

Find Your 2017 Honda Fit

These 2017 Honda Fit cargo capacity, storage, and seating configuration specs ring true for all three different Honda Fit trims, and we’re confident there’s one waiting for you here at Central Illinois Honda Dealers. Visit one of our locations today to discover the Fit firsthand by taking a test drive; we’ll show you how easy it is to use the Magic Seat, too.

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