Honda Builds 20 Millionth Automobile in the US

April 15th, 2014 by

HondaHonda has a history of providing drivers with great automobiles, and it gives us great pride as Central Illinois Honda Dealers to announce that the automaker has produced their 20 millionth automobile in the United States, marking decades of providing excellent vehicles at affordable prices to area drivers.

A True Milestone

Not only was it the 20 millionth vehicle Honda has made in America, but it is the 10 millionth Honda Accord produced in the United States. It seems fitting that it’s the 2014 Honda Accord, considering just how much it has impressed area drivers with its standard features, range of trim levels, and two different engine options available—and that’s not counting the hybrid choices drivers have either!

Built in Marysville, Ohio, this auto plant was the historic site of the first Accord produced in America on Novembern 1, 1982. In fact, it was the first Japanese auto plant to begin production in the US, leading manufacturing locations in East Liberty, Ohio, Lincoln, Alabama, and Greensburg, Indiana.

Eleven different models are produced in those four locations now, including four passenger cars. A fifth plant is opening up in Marysville Ohio specifically for the Acura NSX.

Hidenobu Iwata, president and CEO of Honda of America Mfg. and head of Honda’s North American manufacturing expressed the automaker’s gratitude for being able to hit 20 million cars in so short a time, saying “We are deeply aware that our ability to reach this milestone results from the trust that 20 million customers have placed in our products, and we appreciate their support over the past three decades. We also value the commitment made by tens of thousands of associates at Honda and our hundreds of suppliers in the U.S. who build products of the highest quality for our customers.”

Visit a Central Illinois Honda Dealer for More

If you want to see what the 2014 Honda Accord has to offer you, we encourage you to visit a Central Illinois Honda Dealer near you and take one for a test drive. We think it was the right choice for such an important milestone, and we think you’ll agree.

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