What is HondaLink and How Can it Help You?

May 15th, 2014 by

HondaAs Central Illinois Honda Dealers, we are excited to give drivers access to some of the latest in auto technology, whether it’s under the hood like the Civic Si’s powerful engine or in the palm of your hand with the HondaLink smartphone app.

But we’ve had many drivers asking us what HondaLink is and what it can do for them; we’re here to answer those questions for you!

What it Does

While you may expect Honda’s i-MID infotainment system and Bluetooth connectivity to be the forefront of auto tech, the fact is that there is even more Honda has to offer. HondaLink takes the features drivers love to use off the road and brings them right into the cockpit of vehicles like the Civic Si.

Whether it’s social media, personalized searching for businesses and restaurants, news, internet radio, or even audio books, HondaLink is an Aha app that lets you get the most out of your vehicle.

Why You Want It

HondaLink may sound like a nice gadget, but the truth is that it’s far more than that. By giving you access to some of the most useful driving-based data and entertainment right through your i-MID interface, it means never having to fumble with your phone while driving—which you shouldn’t be doing anyway—and it means never having to wander around a new town in search of somewhere to eat or something to do.

It’s the convenience of the smartphone age merged with the convenience of driving a Honda. We call it a win-win.

To Learn More About HondaLink

If you want to learn more about HondaLink, just visit a Central Illinois Honda Dealer near you and let one of our sales experts go over its many benefits. While you’re there, why not take the Civic Si for a test drive and see the forefront of Honda motor technology right alongside the advanced HondaLink?


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